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Download Section, no longer requires you to be a member

I first made the Download Section for members only, just cause I wanted an idea on who is downloading the software I have written. Now, I no longer care who downloads it, as long as it helps out the people … Continue reading

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Updates to site

For those of you who visit linuxdynasty everyday, you might have notice some subtle changes in the authorization aspect fo the site. I had to enable captch images in the login, and posting parts of the site. Since for the … Continue reading

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Begun Development of Web Server and Database for Port Report and Device Manager

It is official, I have begun development on the Web Server and Database for the Port Report Project and the Network Device Manager Project. I will be combining both scripts into a True Network Device Manager. My goal is to … Continue reading

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Today’s task!

Today I was given a task to have my manager emailed once a day. If any of our Data Stores in ESX 3.5 are over 80% utilized. So I said to my self. What would be the easiest way to … Continue reading

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Python and Expect

At the current place that I work at, we are trying to figure out, how much we are logging on a daily basis. Since my manager is thinking of purchasing Splunk ( I hope he does ). But before we … Continue reading

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Switch Port Report Update 1.8

The Port Report Project is essentially a Switch Port Mapper Tool or a Switch Port Mapping Tool like a few other commercial products out there, except The Port Report Project is free.  Right now there is no GUI or WEB … Continue reading

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Port Report 1.7 Update

This is a big update for Port Report…. In this revision the following brands and devices are supported Cisco Catalyst 6509 w/ Supervisor 720 running IOS Catalyst 3560 Catalyst 3550 (SMI) Cisco CIGESM series Chassis Blades Cisco Catalyst 2960 Foundry … Continue reading

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Sorry for not updating the port_report script

I have not yet finished my testing with Nortel and Foundry. Once that is complete, then I will post 1.7 revision. Though in the mean while I was able to enhance the –report option of the port_report.py script. It use … Continue reading

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Quick Update on Port Report…

As of right now I am very close on getting Nortel to work. I have been testing with Kshort and I’m hoping to have the Nortel part of this script done by tomorrow night. Once Nortel is done, then I … Continue reading

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Port Report Update 1.6

Let me make this one thing clear about port_report.py and one limitation it has when searching for IP Addresses on a switch ( not really a limitation of the script ). When searching by IP address, the IP Address has … Continue reading

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