How To monitor RTSP streaming videos using openRTSP and Zenoss

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Since I do currently work for a streaming company, that would imply that we should have some type of monitoring for our RTSP streams ;-). You will 1st need to get the openRTSP command.

  • You will need to download the openRTSP command from
  • Or if you are running Zenoss on top of Debian you can just run a apt-get install livemedia-utils

Once you do that, all you have to do next is to download my script and have a valid server to point at and a path to test... Example below.. {filelink=24}

./ -d remote_server -p /iphone/2012 
OK /iphone/2012, test completed successfull against remote_server |status=0

or with stats...

./ -d remote_server -p /iphone/2012 -s
OK /iphone/2012, test completed successfull against remote_server |status=0 num_packets_received=16 num_packets_lost=0 elapsed_measurement_time=3.000073 kBytes_received_total=16.309000 
measurement_sampling_interval_ms=1000 kbits_per_second_min=29.245485 kbits_per_second_ave=43.489608 
kbits_per_second_max=51.737449 packet_loss_percentage_min=0.000000 packet_loss_percentage_ave=0.000000 
packet_loss_percentage_max=0.000000 inter_packet_gap_ms_min=0.018000 inter_packet_gap_ms_ave=161.139313 
inter_packet_gap_ms_max=901.439000 subsession=video/H264 num_packets_received=61 num_packets_lost=0 
elapsed_measurement_time=3.000073 kBytes_received_total=27.630000 measurement_sampling_interval_ms=1000 
kbits_per_second_min=0.000000 kbits_per_second_ave=73.678207 kbits_per_second_max=122.923442 
packet_loss_percentage_min=0.000000 packet_loss_percentage_ave=0.000000 packet_loss_percentage_max=0.000000 
inter_packet_gap_ms_min=0.009000 inter_packet_gap_ms_ave=24.794672 inter_packet_gap_ms_max=528.923000

So you can trend the different stats that openRTSP provides in Zenoss..

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