HowTo backup all of your Zenoss Templates the easy way.

Recently I had to prepare for a Zenoss upgrade. During my prep work I had to create a zenpack of all of our Templates. For those of you who use Zenoss, you know how many templates you can start to accumulate in a short amount of time. You can have Templates attached to single Devices, to SubClasses, and to Classes. Now if you have a few devices this is not a big deal. But if you have a couple hundred to a couple of thousand devices, this could be a real hassle.

Now you can take a ton of your time and review Class by Class and Device by Device until you finally finish. You will eventually get it all in a Zenpack……. Well lucky for you guys I created a Python Script that runs as the Zenoss user and create a Zenpack for you. All you have to do is pick a name for the ZenPack and optionally the Device Class you want to scan. The script will scan the Device Class that you specified ( or by default scan the entire /Device Class and its Sub Classes). It will then create the ZenPack with all the locally attached Device Templates. I am thinking of also adding the Events class as part of the next release of this script.

Update 1.0.1, I added the –unique option. If you decide to use this option, This Zenpack will only add, The Device Templates that are not already part of an existing ZenPack. I also added the –verbose option, so that you can see which Device Templates are being added or being dismissed.

You can download the script here


Another Example, with the unique option and verbose option.

Another Example…

Help OutPut…


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  1. mahimahi says:

    Downloads are not working. Trying to down load this script and all I see is: {quickdown:53}

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